Monday, October 8, 2012

October journal pages 3 - 4 - 5

I'm a little behind in posting these pages from my October Journal. I had them done on time (surprise!) but my scanner is a little persnickety so I waited until I had several pages to scan before I messed with it.

Last Wednesday we were to make a page to eradicate a fear. I had some trouble with this because I don't really fear something until it's pretty close to in my face. But here's something that I really watch for when I'm outside. I'm thinking this snake needs a cartoon caption. What do you think?

eradicate a fear

The background on Thursdays is a little "bleck" but I was trying out some dylusions spray and man do I need more practice! The lime green didn't show up very well. It's really much darker than the scan shows it to be. I did the background but this is a collage not a painting. Well, someone painted it, it just wasn't me!

Combine lime green, teal blue and plum purple
This last one was an easy one. I Praise my Lord so that's what came to mind for this one. My vision was of  real people but I don't do them very well so I opted for these. I think I need some work on lettering as well. And again the colors are somewhat brighter than they appear here. Maybe my scanner is trying to tell me something?

My Barney book turned journal is working out really well. It's probably the phone book pages and Gesso rather than Barney but I really like the way everything works on it. Watercolor is a little pale but I'll just have to figure it out as I go.


  1. These are great!! Wow, that color combination looks so rich and striking.

  2. Your journal pages are wonderful! I love the colors in second one, don't see why you need practice with dylusions spray, it looks great!

  3. Your Lime, Teal and Plum is outstanding! I just love that color combination! Wonderful treatment of the palette, and I agree you did a great job!

  4. Love the lime/teal/plum page - the colours adn the butterfly and the text all just go so well! And I love the quote - it's made me smile!