Friday, October 5, 2012

Journal challenges

I got a little behind in my journal challenges. Just 3 weeks behind, Hey, it could be worse. But I got busy and got them all done. The first one has been done a while I was just too lazy to scan it.

Challenge #7 opposites
This challenge was to separate the page in half and draw opposites. I just let the book center be the dividing line and did day and night in ink. I'm thinking I should have made the night side darker somehow but I actually just thought about it so - too late!

Challenge #8 Template
 This challenge was to work from a template which I am not very good at. I decided rather than paint I would do a collage. I thought the page looked pretty good until I scanned it. I know, you're thinking "why did she use those papers"? well, I've never really matched. Anytime my sister and I were going somewhere together she would always ask, "Are you wearing that"? so I knew something wasn't going together. But, did I go change, of course not!

challenge #9  A am a Radiant, Glorious, Fabulous Woman
This challenge was a real stinker.  "I am a Radiant, Glorious, Fabulous Woman". I have never even thought those words in regards to myself and it seems that everyone else doing the challenge had the same problem. BUT Raeven gave us all a kick in the butt and we got over it! For all you ladies that don't feel good about yourselves, hop over to Raevens blog and read her thoughts on the subject (and as she's a great artist, there's also a lot of very good art to look at). This is suppose to be a self portrait but I'm thinking this woman is a stranger. The grey hair now that's mine.

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