Thursday, October 11, 2012

Journal pages 8 -9 - 10 - 11

The prompt for Monday the 8th was a favorite story or poem from childhood. I really don't remember any that I really liked but I did have a favorite song that my mom sang to me. So I used it as my inspiration. I had my mom write the words down for me and I stuck it in a pocket on the page.

My mama said if I'd be good she'd send me to the store
She said she'd make some gingerbread if I would sweep the floor
She said if I would make the beds and watch the telephone
That she would send me out to get a chocolate ice cream cone
And so she did the things she said, and she made me some gingerbread
Then I went out just me alone and got my chocolate ice cream cone.

While coming home I stubbed my toe upon a big old stone
And need I tell you that I dropped my chocolate ice cream cone
A little puppy came along and took a great big lick
and so I hit that mean ole dog with just a little stick
Then he bit me where I sit down and he chased me all over town
And now I'm lost can;t find my home, all because of a chocolate ice cream cone.

(She sang, I cried 'cause the little girl was lost and begged her to sing it again and again).

The Chocolate Ice Cream Cone

Tuesday the 9th was using things around the house as stamps. Looking for things I discovered that most things in my house are round, except the credit card and the image that the potato bag left. It will make a great background.

household items for stamps

This prompt for Wednesday the 10th was blueberry. The only thing that came to mind was . . . well, blueberries. 


Today's prompt was falling leaves. I love trees. I draw a lot of trees. I was going to do the background with some leaf rubbings but all the leaves are crispy from lack of water so that didn't work out. 


  1. I am so enjoying your posts, Terri. The song your mom sang is adorable, and so sweet you have the words tucked away in your journal now. I had a hard time with Blueberry, too.

  2. Nice! I especially like the one with the tree.