Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bird Brain

Yes! I still have birds on the brain. What can I say I love birds.

Short bird story.
After hearing a ruckus on the deck I walked out to see what wonderful little tid-bit my cat brought me. He was surprisingly innocent.  I interrupted a Mississippi Kite about to invade the birds at the feeder. Brazen bully! I'm glad I interrupted him. I love my little birdies. Now if it would have been an owl I would just say, "Well it's gotta eat"! (The feeders are too high for the cat, Just sayin')

I have a couple of friends that also love birds, if you can imagine that, (not that I have friends but that they like birds), so I did up a small watercolor for each of them.

5X5 Bluebird
5X7 Owl

Hope to get these in the mail tomorrow.
Thanks for looking. 

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  1. Your paintings are beautiful and your friends are very lucky to get them! :)