Friday, November 6, 2020

Seems like years

 Seems like years since I've been here. Hope everyone is well. I lost one cat. Cosmo. She was 20. Casanova cat is still going strong and is 20 this year. I've added a dog and a stray cat has decided to live here. A couple of raccoons that think that cat food is for them and who knows what else. 

Meet Nyx. She's mostly Pit Bull but seems a touch of something else. She's already spoiled. 3-1/2 months old, and already 22#.  I said I'd never have another dog. Yeah, that worked out. 

This guy turned up one day, hungry, friendly, young. So naturally I fed it. Someone around here said it was a boy. I never bothered checking, just started calling him Boris. He was getting awfully chubby so I checked to see if maybe I should have already checked to see. . . Turns out Boris is a girl. Seems like she's been spayed though so YAY! She's fat, sassy and happy now. I still call her Boris. 

These are done with stamps from
And I'm still making art.

Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Hey Terri...We lost or chihuahua in August. It's always hard right? A couple weeks earlier we adopted 2 kittens. I swore I'd never have another cat...that worked out too. lol

    I'm glad to hear you're still making art! Love the ATCs. I kinda miss you. Happy fall down there in Okie-land!

    1. Only kinda? I'm crushed! Hope you're doing OK.

  2. I find it interesting that I just got this post and it is dated Nov 2020...I think my computer or whatever sucks sometimes. We lost 2 cats last year and like you it seems something is looking after us and brought us more...I now have a brown tabby Stormy that is 14 years old and an orange tabby named Akenaten 1 years old now! He had a sister we named Nefertiti but she was stollen. Love all the art. I keep saying I am going to get back into art journaling and ATC's but having vision issues and not right now. Hope you are enjoying 2021. Just saw the post about Okie-land above! Where in OK are you? I live in Norman. Have an artful week. Vickie

  3. Hey Vickie, Maybe you're like me. Technology is not my friend! You should definitely make time everyday to make art. It makes the day much better! We're neighbors, I live in Slaughterville!