Monday, August 27, 2012

A New Journal Challenge

The Journal Challenge is from my ATC FUN group but I think the bigger challenge is getting it downloaded to Yahoo. The challenge was to make layers then cover them up. Okay that wasn't really the challenge. It was to make layers. I just felt like that was the challenge. Not an easy thing for me. But, I did it anyway. It didn't turn out as well as I would have liked but okay for a first time. There is way too much blue for my liking. The images are suppose to be outlined. It doesn't really look it. Oh well.
The picture and print are from an old calendar. It's also a 2 page spread which I also don't do very often. It was fun, so I guess I will have to do another one or two or three or . . .

Here are a few pages I worked on last week.

Crying Big Fat Martian Tears

Funky Hat Lady

Mom's wooden swan.

Today I am using some plastic packaging pieces and cutting out some stencils. I don't know what  possessed me. But they'll be great if I ever finish them.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I made these two ATC's after working on a 'steampunk' journal challenge. I'm kinda likin' this steampunk stuff. Personally I think the card came out much better than the journal page. What do you think? ( the journal page is on the post before this one).

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A steampunk challenge

This week we were given a challenge to do a "steampunk" page in our journals. I've never done anything 'steampunk' and started to skip the challenge but after some research I decided it might be fun. It was! I love all those gears and gizmos so I'm sure I will be doing more.

This is the finished page for last weeks challenge. I wasn't very happy with it.  Sometimes you just need a little help from friends. The ladies on the ATCFUN group are great at  that. It's better but I'm not really liking it. Well on to the next.

And another face. I think I'm doing a little better on the faces.

Friday, August 10, 2012

journal pages

I've been thinking about doing a blessings journal and came up with this while I was working out how to go about it.  
This is leftover pieces of scrapbook paper on an acrylic background
 This one is for another journal challenge. We were suppose to encircle our picture. This is the second challenge and the second one I've left unfinished. I'm thinking that perhaps I don't do well with challenges. All suggestions will be appreciated. The background is much shinier than it looks here.The scan doesn't show it very well.
This is copper metallic acrylic with turquoise paper silhouettes and white acrylic paint.

Another face with watercolors over a page that I cleaned my brushes on.

More fun flowers

A Grackle done with watercolors.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

this and that

I can't seem to get into making ATC's lately, but I have been working in my journals. Maybe I need an ATC sized journal!

Just some bits that were lying around.
I like the saying by Picasso
This was a challenge on a group I'm in so I started it with a great idea for "Emotions". Needless to say I got sidetracked, more like de-railed and can't seem to finish it.
"Emotions" which ones you ask? Who knows?
 Here's a photo of what I saw behind my house yesterday. Soon there were evacuations and a solid wall of smoke. I thank the Lord it didn't come toward me but there were about 100 structures destroyed and today there are still hot spots flaring up if the sirens and smoke are any indication.