Wednesday, November 26, 2014

APC weeks 10 - 11 - 12

I'm so bad at updating this thing. I haven't done much this month, other than be sick. The weather can't make up its mind to be cold or warm. We had several days in the teens then snow, now we're having 50 degree days. They're predicting 70's for the weekend. Weird.

I did catch up on my APC's and participated in a couple of mingles. I got started on my Christmas Cards so maybe I will get them done before next Christmas!

APC week 10 - This funky face stuff really isn't my thing but I think they came out OK.

APC week 11 - Don't you just love snowmen? I do.

APC week 12 - These will be filled out eventually.

This one is on another group for hand drawn ATC's. I used a page from a foreign print book to paint my flowers on. I think this is my month's favorite.

This month's ATCFUN lottery  is "Broken Heart". Here's my entry.

And here is my ATC moon mingle for ATCFUN

This one is a post card. It resembles the APC I did earlier but the person I sent it to loves this sort of thing. I always make a second post card for my friend but it's different. I won't post it because she 'loves' surprises and I haven't mailed it yet.

That's about all I've done that's worth sharing.

. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.