Friday, November 6, 2020

Seems like years

 Seems like years since I've been here. Hope everyone is well. I lost one cat. Cosmo. She was 20. Casanova cat is still going strong and is 20 this year. I've added a dog and a stray cat has decided to live here. A couple of raccoons that think that cat food is for them and who knows what else. 

Meet Nyx. She's mostly Pit Bull but seems a touch of something else. She's already spoiled. 3-1/2 months old, and already 22#.  I said I'd never have another dog. Yeah, that worked out. 

This guy turned up one day, hungry, friendly, young. So naturally I fed it. Someone around here said it was a boy. I never bothered checking, just started calling him Boris. He was getting awfully chubby so I checked to see if maybe I should have already checked to see. . . Turns out Boris is a girl. Seems like she's been spayed though so YAY! She's fat, sassy and happy now. I still call her Boris. 

These are done with stamps from
And I'm still making art.

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