Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Post Cards

I forgot the post cards!  I really like post cards. I have a lot of them. Artsy ones from swaps and from friends and a lot of the travel-type ones from friends and family and even myself. I always try to get a couple of post cards when I go somewhere.

Thanks for looking.


YAY! Spring has finally made it to my house. Of course that means the allergies, bugs and tornado season is around too but ya gotta tolerate the bad to have the good. It's annoying but there it is!

Fair warning - There are A lot of pictures on this post.

I have been drawing and painting quite a bit. I finished all my Altered Playing Cards from HERE. They were so much fun and Claudine gives great instructions.

I whipped up a few ATC's for swaps and RAK's and just because-es.

 Thanks for looking.