Saturday, September 14, 2013

This weeks art

My Mom turned 83 on 9-11. We had a family cook out at my brothers house. Burgers, fries cake and ice cream.  Here's the birthday card I did for her. What could be better for a birthday than birds, flowers and balloons!!! 


Card front


 On the Yahoo group ATCFUN, I'm hosting a Halloween Post Card mingle. Here's mine.
Halloween doodoo doll
A flower on 4X6 watercolor paper. I used an ATC I did earlier rather than drawing from a photo. I love the purple cone-flowers. They grow wild in my yard along with several other wild flowers.


The R Journal Challenge this week was "Radiant Woman with the color red on the page". I wasn't feeling too radiant this week so it's just a pencil sketch with a little watercolor on it. Maybe I'll be radiant next week.

YES she did have work done on her upper lip. (Botox?)
I finally finished a painting I have been working on. When I think I'm done I always see something I want to change but I guess I have to stop somewhere!

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Blowing in the Wind & postcards

I really enjoy watching things blow in the wind, trees, grass, chimes, ribbons and even laundry hanging on the line. I made some prayer flags to hang out and blow. They were just done on an old white sheet with markers since I live on a hill and the wind blows like crazy so I knew they wouldn't last long. So what happens? The wind died down and the sun bleached them out! But I have enjoyed them. I will certainly make more to hang out in the Spring but with better materials.

I've also been busy painting. These are just small 4X6 on watercolor paper,  I have sent a few as postcards. I love postcards. I have several regular 'Wish you were here' type postcards but have just started making and trading them as art.

Thanks for looking.