Tuesday, April 30, 2013


These ATC's were done for monthly mingles on a ATC swap group
May is Queen Elizabeth I.  Faces are not my thing but I keep doing them. It's a little sad that I used the same image of Queen Elizabeth for both of these yet they look like two totally different women.
Yep, I need more practice.

June is Space Landscape - which is something else I don't do. These came out pretty good I think. It isn't something that I enjoyed doing though. Think I will leave space to others.

 Now I have the same problem I always have.  Which ones do I trade?  I like all four of them!

Thanks for looking.


  1. Your faces turned out great and I love love love the space landscapes. I really like that you drew the same face for Queenie and she turned out different in both, that's cool.

  2. You may not like doing these, but I love them. I think all four turned out beautiful, especially those landscapes. :)