Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Gnarly Oak

I have been alternately staring at and working on my canvas. Finally, I am finished. At least I think I am. I could be mistaken. I usually am. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.

I couldn't get a good picture so I hope you can see it okay. I would like some feedback on it so please be honest in what you think. 

19"X20" The Gnarly Oak

I also took a photo of the card I painted for my Mothers 82nd birthday. I think it came out okay. She likes it so that's what counts.


  1. I like the gnarled trees contrast between the hard lines of the trunk and the softness of the colorful background.

  2. I really really like your painting! It's beautiful! The colors are wonderful, and the tree looks amazing! Great work! The card is beautiful too!

  3. Teri-I came over from the art journaling yahoo group. I don't post much-but I read every message from the sight. I think your painting of the tree is gorgeous! Really nice job- I love all the layers and the colors are fantastic.

  4. the colours and the layers.... I would happily hang it on my wall :)

  5. I love your canvas! And I love the title you gave it too! ;-)