Sunday, July 7, 2013

M is for Miracles

The Journal Challenge this past week was the letter M for Miracles. It was hard to decide what miracle. Life is filled with miracles. God breathes out miracles. Anyway, butterflies. . .

This page was just a messing around page. Trying to paint more realistic flowers. I dropped the paintbrush with blue on it so had to sling on some more.

This is an ATC's for a swap 'pen and ink'.  It's done with watered down India ink. Not sure I like it. It needs. something. background? darker color? trashed! 

On a blog that, I'm sorry,  I can't remember where or who . . .  The lady made an inner critic owl doll with a zipper for a mouth so she could shut him up.  here's mine.

1 comment:

  1. Everything is so beautiful! The "mess up page" is gorgeous, and I absolutely love the ATC and I think it needs nothing more. The doll is also amazing. You are so talented!