Friday, August 10, 2012

journal pages

I've been thinking about doing a blessings journal and came up with this while I was working out how to go about it.  
This is leftover pieces of scrapbook paper on an acrylic background
 This one is for another journal challenge. We were suppose to encircle our picture. This is the second challenge and the second one I've left unfinished. I'm thinking that perhaps I don't do well with challenges. All suggestions will be appreciated. The background is much shinier than it looks here.The scan doesn't show it very well.
This is copper metallic acrylic with turquoise paper silhouettes and white acrylic paint.

Another face with watercolors over a page that I cleaned my brushes on.

More fun flowers

A Grackle done with watercolors.

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  1. Your pages are beautifully done, and I love the face! Actually, I love everything! Your flowers always looks so happy. :)