Friday, July 6, 2012

Babes in the wood

OK, so it isn't really the woods just a Sycamore tree in my yard but I discovered a birds nest right outside my door. The birds must have been really sneaky cause I never noticed. (Unobservant? Who me?) They've been dive bombing the cats so I knew there was a nest close. Anyway, here a few photos of the new residents. Naturally they are Mockingbirds because they are the only ones brave enough to be here with all the hawks and owls that moved in.

 I've only seen three. I'm thinking that there aren't any more. Unfortunately they are always facing away from the deck so I can't get a better photo.
 One of the adults was close by with a mouthful waiting for me to leave. The babies were impatient but quiet.
 Either Mom or Dad. I can't tell one from the other unless I grab my trusty bird book, which is misplaced!

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